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The purpose behind this space is to share obscure, out of print or otherwise commercially unavailable music, video and other media from a period in time in which music history revisionists have written out or downplayed the contributions of so many great bands, fanzine writers and others. And to entertain myself.  I don't own any of the material posted, so if  it belongs to you and you do not want it up here, get in touch with me and I will take it down. A lot of the material I will end up posting has been downloaded from other blogs or received through trades and may or may not be available elsewhere. I am extremely grateful for all the great stuff I have discovered through other people's blogs and their effort to share but please do not spit your dummy out for not receiving credit for your "ripping the vinyl" or whatever.I really cannot be bothered to keep track of where I found things. Keep in mind you probably do not own the rights for the music either and it is all about bringing the music to a wider audience (in my case likely the 3 or 4 people who bother to read this blog). I hope everyone discovers something new or something they have been searching for. All the best.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Despite the A-side of their one and only single being one of my all time favourite UK power pop records, Sneeky Feelin's is a band I know very little about. They formed from the ashes of 1977 pub rock group Sounder, took their name Sneeky Feelin's from an Elvis Costello song and released the brilliant "Private Mail" single in 1979. In 1980, Donnie Burke (guitars/vocals) and Dell Vickers (bass/vocals) formed a group called The Gas and put out "It Shows In Your Face". The Gas recorded five more singles and two long players between 1981-83, picking up where Sneeky Feelin's left off but with a more mod revival direction and taking influences such as reggae and soul into their sound. Those records are a bit outside of the time line I am covering here but are quite good and can be found over at Noise Addiction II

Get The Record Here:

Get The Record Here:

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