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The text below has been taken from the web site Bored Teenagers , an indispensable source of information for obscure UK punk rock:

Varicose Veins was formed in early 1977 by five school mates living in and around a small town called Arlesey in Bedfordshire.

The band members were Phil Parfitt, (aka Henry Crank), vocals (later on sax); Alison Pate (aka Alison), lead guitar/backing vocals; Peter Ellison (aka PEL), amped up stylophone (later keyboards)/backing vocals; Wayne Bebb (aka Wayne Shaft) bass guitar; Roger Simpson (aka Stan Stump) drums.

Influences in 1977:- Musical London Punk Scene, Velvet Underground, Stooges.
Dr Feelgood, Eddie and The Hotrods.

Others influences:- Fairfield Lunatic Asylum near Arlesey, Labour Government, Boredom.

Musical Experience:- No one had been in a Band previously.

Geographical Problem:- Arlesey is 40 miles north of London, no money, most gigs were in London.

Varicose Veins so named after a landlady’s legs from a local pub (This is what was reported by a local newspaper resulting in us being banned from the pub)
Alison Pate who was originally from Glasgow was responsible for teaching 'Gary Numan' the chords to 'White Light White Heat' after one of our Roxy gigs!

A Typical Track list included:

"Nothing Nothing Nothing to Do" (About where we Lived),  "Electric Shock Treatment" (People we knew),  "Just Because" (Punk Love Song), "Hiroshima" (The Nuclear Threat), "I’m in Bad Shape" (Political scene at the Time), "Johnny Machine Gun Teeth" (Taking Speed), "Going Like a Rocket", "Stretcher case", "So Shy", "No Response", "White Light White Heat" (Velvets).

Gigs remembered, help we were drunk a lot:-

??/??/77 - 1st gig, "Arlesey Village Hall", ended in a punch up; We know who threw the eggs!!!
10-8-77  - "Roxy", Neal St, London (Audition night with 'Bleach' & 'Vile Bodies')
25-8-77 - "Roxy", Neal St, London (supporting 'Slaughter and the Dogs').
 31-12-78 - "Moonlight Club" at the Railway Tavern, West Hampstead (supporting 'Psychedelic Furs')
Wednesday 12th July 1978 - White Hart Acton (Last Bastion of Punk)
??/??/78 - Youth Club, Neal Street, London (near the "Roxy Club") (This small gig took place just after the band had finished recording their demo in a recording studio which was also in Neal Street)

Band deformed in 1979.

  Download the record here:

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