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The purpose behind this space is to share obscure, out of print or otherwise commercially unavailable music, video and other media from a period in time in which music history revisionists have written out or downplayed the contributions of so many great bands, fanzine writers and others. And to entertain myself.  I don't own any of the material posted, so if  it belongs to you and you do not want it up here, get in touch with me and I will take it down. A lot of the material I will end up posting has been downloaded from other blogs or received through trades and may or may not be available elsewhere. I am extremely grateful for all the great stuff I have discovered through other people's blogs and their effort to share but please do not spit your dummy out for not receiving credit for your "ripping the vinyl" or whatever.I really cannot be bothered to keep track of where I found things. Keep in mind you probably do not own the rights for the music either and it is all about bringing the music to a wider audience (in my case likely the 3 or 4 people who bother to read this blog). I hope everyone discovers something new or something they have been searching for. All the best.

Friday, 14 March 2014


Formed in 1975 by Johnny Thunders & Jerry Nolan after their exit from the New York Dolls along with Richard Hell on bass, who had just left Television around the same week. Started rehearsing and played a few shows as a three piece before adding second guitar player Walter Lure from The Demons. By 1976, Richard Hell would be replaced by Billy Rath. For the whole Heartbreakers/Johnny Thunders story, there is no better source than Nina Antonia's In Cold Blood

The Heartbreakers continued to play gigs occasionally  throughout the 80's when individual schedules allowed, sometimes using Billy Rogers or Ty Styx on drums or Tony Coiro on bass. Johnny passed away in 1991 and Jerry passed away in 1992. Walter Lure still plays with his band the Waldos when he has time and Billy Rath started up the Street Pirates a few years ago. 

Below are a selection of Heartbreakers' gigs ranging from their early beginnings with Richard Hell in 1975, at their peak in 1977 and the "Rent Parties" of 1979-80. 

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