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Steve Dior & Barry Jones got their head start in punk rock back in 1976 rehearsing under the name The Quickspurts with a revolving door of musicians such as Keith Levine & Chrissie Hynde. BY 1977 Barry Jones became occupied with the booking and management of the Roxy Club, however in late 1977 when Jerry Nolan left the Heartbreakers, he quickly joined forces with Dior and Jones, bringing former New York Dolls bass player Arthur Kane along. Between 1978-1979, the group played a load of shows particularly at Max's Kansas City (both on their own and as a backing band)  and released one single. A shame a full length was never recorded by this line up.

Get some music:




1978-05-03 Max's Kansas City, NYC

1978-06-10 Max's Kansas City,NYC

1978-06-25 Max's Kansas City, NYC

Live With Judy Nylon (of Snatch)

1978-05-03 Max's Kansas City

Live With Sid Vicious (Mick Jones of The Clash on guest guitar)

1978-09-07 Max's Kansas City, NYC (Set One)

1978-09-07 Max's Kansas City, NYC (Set Two)

Sid Vicious died of a drug overdose Feb 2nd, 1979 thus recording sessions he had planned with the Idols never came to be. The band evolved into the London Cowboys in the 1980's with a continually rotating set of musicians including Terry Chimes, Tony James, Pete Farndon and Glen Matlock.

Jerry Nolan died in 1992 as a result of meningitis and pneumonia and Arthur Kane died of leukemia in 2004.

Steve Dior and Barry Jones still play in various musical projects and Judy Nylon is still active as a multi discipline artist.

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