Thursday, 9 January 2014


These guys were the real deal from Toronto.Not only did they have the tightest rhythm section in the city in Sam and Tony, but they were fronted by the charismatic villain Mike Nightmare (who was infamously punched out by Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy) and his guitar playing brother Renee.

Mike had a side job as a cat burglar and as a result, often performed in disguises such as oversize sunglasses and leather hoods as the cops were looking for him. Gunshots into the ceiling of their rehearsal room was nothing out of the ordinary as it was Mike's way of getting the band wound up and on edge. The group recorded some rehearsals around 1977 that were later released as "Disorder" by Other People's Music in the 90's. Their sole release in the 1970's was this amazing single with a later line up. Mike passed away in the late 90's. I am posting this because I hope more people discover this great band. They had a power that few punk bands at the time could come close to and they deserve to be remembered.

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